Corporate responsibility program 2020

Nordic Morning Group’s corporate responsibility (CR) work is based on the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet. These three correspond to the areas of social, financial and environmental responsibility, and form the basis of our CR approach. 

The CR program is firmly integrated within Nordic Morning Group’s business.

We developed our CR program originally in 2010, and an important part of that process was our dialogue with stakeholders in order to map their expectations. We have further measured employee expectations through our staff survey and taken in the views of Group management through interviews.

In 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic a lot of focus was put on employee wellbeing and safety procedures at our offices. Supporting our managers and personnel in coping with new situation was crucial, both throughout 2020 and beyond. Visible leadership and frequent communication formed the basis for good collaboration throughout the organization.

To our customers we want to be a responsible partner in change.

The grounds for the most important CR themes for our business are recorded below together with the most important achievements in 2020 and the planned actions for 2021.

Key performance indicators

We follow the progress of the three areas of Corporate Responsibility with the following KPI:s.

1. Financial responsibility: Added value created per FTE. This we have reported already since 2010 (see a table in Financial responsibility). Based on the Group's budget, the estimated added value created per FTE in 2021 will be approximately EUR 96.000 per FTE.

2. Social responsibility: Employee Enthusiasm. The KPI for social responsibility has been changed from Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) to Employee Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm measures the employees’ emotional relationship to their work. Enthusiasm is a key indicator of the organization’s performance. In 2020 the figure was 3,69 on a scale of 1-5 (2019: 3,74). 

3. Environmental responsibility: Reducing carbon footprint. The figure includes scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from Nordic Morning Group’s production sites. The target for 2021 is that scope 1 and scope 2 emissions will be less than 7,0 kg CO2 per 1000 EUR revenue.

Our biggest suppliers

In 2020, we categorized our suppliers based on the annual spend. Our biggest supplier groups in 2020 were: technology and social media companies which services we need as part of our own services for customers; paper suppliers; employment pension companies; mail distribution companies and the real estate landlords.

The Group’s boundaries

The Group’s boundaries include the parent company, Nordic Morning Group Plc and its subsidiaries. The material aspects indentified according to the GRI's G4 Guidelines and related boundaries are listed below in the table "Material aspects and boundaries".

Code of Business Ethics

The Code of Business Ethics guides the activities of every Nordic Morning Group employee in relation to stakeholders such as customers, colleagues, and business partners. We also expect our business partners to comply with our ethical guidelines.

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Our key Corporate Responsibility themes

Responsible partner in change

The fast-paced digitalization is challenging companies and organizations to change. We help our customers by advising and creating data- and analytics-driven solutions, combining content, service design, visibility and customer dialogue. We manage our customers’ data responsibly, and when there are third parties involved in the services we provide, we expect them to comply with our values and Code of Business Ethics.

Being a responsible partner to our customers in change is in the core of our strategy, of which the CEO and the Board of Directors are in charge.

Achievements in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 extraordinary in many ways, with a lot of focus put on employee wellbeing and safety procedures at our offices. Supporting our managers and personnel in coping with this new situation has been crucial, both throughout 2020 and beyond. 

Emphasis in 2021

Despite these tough times, we see that the persistent efforts in developing the company culture are paying off. We are clearly moving in the right direction when it comes to desired behaviour, with an impressive leap in the progress of self-leadership.

Further information: Strategy »

Culture of growth and collaboration

We are committed to building a growth culture providing employees with learning opportunities, nurturing their talent, offering inspirational leadership and fair rewards for achievement. We believe that individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience, working together in an environment built on trust and transparency, are essential to our success.

We encourage employees to collaborate with each other across the Group to strengthen our culture and ability to meet customer needs.

Achievements in 2020

We are clearly moving in the right direction when it comes to strengthening our desired culture and behaviours, with an impressive leap in in the progress of self-leadership. Of the statements in our engagement survey, the one where the level of agreement had increased most among our employees was: “I am empowered to make decisions in my area of responsibility.” This jumped from 3.66 in 2019 to 3.98 in 2020 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being total agreement.

Strong focus has been put on leadership and the leaders´ ability to increase clarity of the employee´s role and goals. Consequently, we are delighted that 71 percent of the respondents in the engagement survey say that they know what is expected of them, and that they have clear performance targets. The corresponding figure in 2019 was 58 percent.

Emphasis in 2021

Our guiding principles will continue to form the core of our cultural work, and our leaders, HR team and culture ambassadors have a central role in ensuring these principles are evident in our daily work.

We will continue working with our development framework and put efforts on strengthening our employees’ professional development opportunities and take more benefit from the annual talent management process.

Further information: Social responsibility »

Good corporate citizen

We comply with transparency and the Code of Business Ethics in our operations. We have a proven track record of systematic work for reducing our environmental impact since the beginning of the 1990s. Every year, we report our tax footprint, management’s incentives, and business risks. We expect our partners and suppliers to comply with our Guiding Principles and Code of Business Ethics.

The Group CEO and Board of Directors carry the ultimate responsibility for Nordic Morning Group’s performance as a good corporate citizen.

Achievements in 2020

We achieved the lowest electricity consumption in nearly two decades. Total waste volume decreased by over 15% from the previous year. Solvent consumption dropped both in absolute and in relative terms. These achievements are mainly the result of both changes in production technology and increased use of print automation.

Emphasis in 2021

We will further continue to reduce our environmental impact by investing in responsible operations, products and services and promoting environmental awareness among employees.

Further information: Environmental responsibility »

Material aspects and boundaries

GRI aspects (G4 - 19)Aspect boundary (G4 - 20-21)
Economic Performance Nordic Morning Group
Materials Nordic Morning Group
Energy Nordic Morning Group
Water Nordic Morning Group
Biodiversity Partners
Emissions Nordic Morning Group
Effluents and Waste Nordic Morning Group
Products and Services Nordic Morning Group, partners
Compliance Nordic Morning Group
Transport Partners
Labour practices and decent work
Employment Nordic Morning Group
Labor/Management Relations Nordic Morning Group
Occupational Health and Safety Nordic Morning Group
Training and Education Nordic Morning Group
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Nordic Morning Group
Anti-corruption Nordic Morning Group



Nordic Morning Group aims to be an attractive and responsible employer. We are committed to promote
a good dynamic workplace and to create interesting career and development opportunities for our people.

We appreciate employees that demonstrate self-leadership, accountability and collaboration and believe that good leadership and a strong organizational culture are the cornerstones for employee engagement and high performance. We respect an employee´s right to balance their private and professional lives and believe it helps us attract and retain competent people.


Ongoing dialogue with customers is part of the fundamental nature of our business. We have daily dialogue with customers about their needs and expectations.

We cater for our customers and anyone else interested in matters relevant to marketing, communication and business change by posting blogs, articles and videos on the website and social media.

Our own market surveys support the dialogue with customers. In Finland, we also utilize research information provided by the Federation of the Finnish Media Industry and Kantar TNS. In Sweden, we utilize information produced by the Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics (IRM, Institutet för Reklam- och Mediestatistik).


Nordic Morning Group Plc is a Finnish public limited company that was 100 percent owned by Valtion kehitysyhtiö Vake Oy until December 18, 2020 when it was moved to the Finnish state's direct ownership. The Finnish state owns 100 percent of the shares. The owner is represented as member of Nordic Morning Group’s Board of Directors and regularly receives information about our business in the form of financial reports.

Memberships and certificates

In Finland, Nordic Morning Group is a member of the Federation of the Finnish Media Industry, the Finnish Book Publishers Association and Finpro. In Sweden, Nordic Morning Group is a member of the Swedish Marketing Federation (Sveriges Marknadsförbund).

Edita Prima Oy is a member of the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd and Data & Marketing Association of Finland (DMA Finland/ASML).

Climate-neutral business

The Group’s climate-neutral company in 2020 was Mods Graphic Studio AB. It has reduced the carbon-dioxide emissions generated by its operations and compensated for the remaining emissions by funding UN-supervised clean development mechanism projects in Congo.

Nordic Ecolabel

Edita Prima's production plant in Helsinki, Finland is entitled to use the Nordic Ecolabel. The environmental impact of printing production has been considered throughout the production chain. Both the materials used and the production processes comply with the Nordic Ecolabel criteria.

Standard for environmental management

Edita Prima’s production plant in Helsinki, Finland is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.

Forest certification

Edita Prima has certified its system for monitoring the origin of the wood fiber used in its paper in accordance with international standards from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

It is thus also entitled to use the labels indicating that the wood fiber used in their paper originates from a forest that is managed in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible way.