Social responsibility 2020

Focus on strategy and people

The role of HR is to drive, support and develop the organization’s capabilities, ensuring that Nordic Morning Group has the right people in the right roles with the right competencies to be able to do a great job. The company strategy is the starting point in building the desired capabilities, talent, leadership and culture.


The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 an extraordinary year in many ways, and it led to us placing an emphasis on employee safety and safety procedures at our offices. As a result of the drastic changes to our working environment and our clients’ behavior, we have had to reorganize our business more than usual, and a number of our employees have been temporarily laid-off. Despite these tough times, the investments and persistent efforts we have made to develop our company culture have started to pay off.

Most of our employees, except for those working in production at Edita Prima, have been working from home since mid-March. The shift to working remotely was done successfully with the process in place practically overnight, which shows great flexibility and adaptation from everyone involved. The common value ground made the transition relatively easy, and the crisis has strengthened our group identity, bringing us closer together. This fact has been confirmed by the results of our annual employee surveys.

As part of the ongoing cultural change journey, we conducted an engagement survey among our employees in September. The aim is to follow-up on progress made and to gain valuable insights for the ongoing transformation. The response rate for this survey was 72 percent (69 percent in 2019).

Pleasingly, the trend looks positive, and we are clearly moving in the right direction when it comes to strengthening our desired culture and behavior, with an impressive leap in the progress of self-leadership. Of the statements in the survey, the one where the level of agreement has increased most among our employees is: “I am empowered to make decisions in my area of responsibility.” This jumped from 3.66 in 2019 to 3.98 in 2020 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being total agreement.

Supporting managers and personnel in coping with the new situation caused by the pandemic was the common thread for HR throughout 2020. Visible leadership and frequent communication have formed the basis for good collaboration throughout Nordic Morning Group. And our managers have been given the tools and support to lead people and teams remotely.

Improving the clarity of the employee´s role and performance targets and strengthening opportunities for professional growth were other central themes in 2020 – and also critical ones when it comes to working remotely. Consequently, we are delighted that 71 percent of the respondents in the engagement survey say they know what is expected of them and that they have clear performance targets. The corresponding figure in 2019 was 58 percent. This is a remarkable improvement given the time frame and the circumstances.

With the aim of improving our employees’ professional development opportunities, we introduced Talent Dialogues as part of the annual talent management process. The experience was encouraging, and it clearly increased the leaders’ understanding for the need to take a more holistic approach when discussing and planning employee learning and development.


Our guiding principles will continue to form the core of our cultural work, and our leaders, HR team and culture ambassadors have a central role in ensuring these principles are evident in our daily work.

To further support our desired cultural change and to drive accountability and self-leadership, we will continue to strengthen our coaching and feedback skills across the whole organization. Developing these competencies is highly relevant to everyone, and especially crucial for leaders, who are expected to act as role models for the desired behaviors, both in their daily interactions as well as in quarterly discussions.

We will continue working with our performance development framework to further increase the employee’s role clarity and make their goals clearer, as well as increase the focus on learning and professional development. Strengthening the talent pipeline and securing strong internal candidates for key positions will be in focus throughout the coming year.

Progress will be measured with pulse surveys to ensure that we are on track and are taking the right actions to develop our culture in the desired direction.


Be you. Be curious.

We trust and respect

Be an accountable daredevil!

Communicate, collaborate and co-create

Make wow-experiences and value every day

Fail fast, laugh, learn

Gender distribution of employees

Age distribution of employees

Age distribution of employees

Business area under 30 years 30-50 years over 50 years
Nordic Morning 18% 67% 15%
Publishing 16% 42% 42%
Prima 2% 33% 64%
Other 9% 49% 42%


In 2020, the Group had an incentive program but no performance-based bonus was accrued under the incentive program in 2020.

The CEO and Group Executives incentive bonuses that accrued in 2020

 EUR 1 000CEOGroup ExecutivesTotal
Short-term incentive program 0 0 0
Long-term incentive program 0 0 0
Additional recognition 0 0 0
Total 0 0 0