Result 2020

Net revenue
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Operating profit without
non-operating items
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Operating profit
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2020 at a glance

The consolidated net revenue was EUR 73.9 million (EUR 77.6 million). Net revenue grew in the Edita Prima business area thanks to the large volume of postal delivery operations, significant service projects, and new customer accounts. Net revenue declined in the Nordic Morning business areas in Sweden and Finland largely due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Edita Publishing business area, net revenue decreased mainly due to it being the final year of the national curriculum, which reduced the sales of learning materials.

The operating loss was -2.2 (+0.6) million. Non-operating items totaled EUR -3.0 (-0.9) million.

The non-operating income included in the operating profit amounted to EUR 0.0 (0.1) million.

The equity ratio decreased by 5.8 percentage points, which resulted in a ratio of 32.8 (38.6) percent by the end of year.

Net revenue by business area 2020

Employees by business area 2020

Net revenue by business area
2019 - 2020

(IFRS)(EUR 1000)

Operating profit by business area
2019 - 2020

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Key figures

Net revenue (M€) 73.9 77.6
Operating profit without non-operating items (M€) 0.8 1.5
Profit including non-operating items (M€) -2.2 0.6
EBITDA without non-operating items (M€) 4.8 6.0
Equity ratio % 32.8 38.6
Operating cash flow (M€) 4.6 5.6
Cash at the end of the year (M€) 0.3 0.3
Employees (average) 372 442

Nordic Morning Group's
net revenue

Business areas 2020

Nordic Morning business area creates digital experiences that transform businesses and help companies become truly customer-centric. During 2020, the business focused on further refining its organizational setup, in order to better position the business for future profitable growth. 

Edita Prima business area provides automated processes for customer-centric communication. In 2020 it was able to grow by gaining more market share especially in transactional printing and signing new large and long-term client contracts.

Edita Publishing business area provides smart learning and legal information services for its clients. The company improved its results in 2020 mainly by focusing on and streamlining its core operations in Legal information business segment. 

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