Letter from the CEO

Anne Årneby, CEO of Nordic Morning Group Plc


2020 - an extraordinary year with focus on employee health and safety, mitigating demand changes and ensuring continued good collaboration.

Nordic Morning Group’s transformational journey has been ongoing since January 2017, and with that the constant improvements to our offerings and processes, investments in building our culture and ways of working, and identifying innovations for efficiency.

The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 extraordinary in many ways, with a lot of focus put on employee wellbeing and safety procedures at our offices. Most of our employees, except for those assigned to production, have been working remotely since mid-March. The shift to working from home was implemented successfully more or less overnight, which shows great flexibility and adaptation from everyone involved.

Supporting our managers and personnel in coping with this new situation has been crucial, both throughout 2020 and beyond. Visible leadership and frequent communication have formed the basis for good collaboration throughout the organization. Our managers have been given the tools and support to lead our staff and remote teams.

Despite these tough times, we see that the investments and persistent efforts in developing the company culture are paying off. The crisis has strengthened the identity of Nordic Morning Group and brought us closer together. We are clearly moving in the right direction when it comes to strengthening our desired culture and behavior, with an impressive leap in the progress of self-leadership. This has been confirmed by the results in our annual employee surveys.

The pandemic has caused changes to the demand for our services, especially in the Nordic Morning business area. In 2020, we reorganized and downsized our operations in Nordic Morning, and we furloughed some employees during this time. The internal focus has been on further refining our organizational setup in order to better position the business for profitable growth.

The Edita Prima and Edita Publishing business areas performed well, despite a highly challenging economic environment in general. Edita Prima succeeded in growing its market share, especially in the areas of transactional printing and major new and long-term client contracts. For Edita Publishing, the potential negative effects of the pandemic on business were mainly avoided by successfully turning some products and services into digital solutions and terminating unprofitable ones. As a result, its profitability improved from 2019.

In 2020, organizations and society in general were forced to take a giant leap in their digital transformation. As a result of this scenario and the prevailing positive economic outlook, organizations and the public sector are looking for partners to challenge established ways of working and to help them accelerate their transformation. This brings us opportunities to build relationships with new clients, as well as to grow our business with existing customers.

In 2021, we expect our clients’ business to recover in line with the economy, but the pace of recovery will vary between industries. Since we have diversified client portfolios across our three business areas, we are in a good position to be able to balance variations over time.

Anne Årneby
CEO of Nordic Morning Group

Financial statements bulletin 2020 (PDF)

Group companies

Parent company Nordic Morning Group Plc
Nordic Morning Group Sweden AB

Nordic Morning business area
Nordic Morning Finland Oy in Finland.
Nordic Morning Sweden AB and Mods Graphic Studio AB in Sweden.

Edita Prima business area
Edita Prima Oy in Finland.

Edita Publishing business area
Edita Publishing Oy in Finland.

Our Guiding Principles

Be you. Be curious.
We trust and respect
Be an accountable daredevil!
Communicate, collaborate and co-create
Make wow-experiences and value every day
Fail fast, laugh, learn

Code of business ethics

Nordic Morning Group's Code of Business Ethics explains how we aim to conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner. It helps us conduct successful business operations and feel good at work. Our Code of Business Ethics is based on our guiding principles. All of us working within Nordic Morning Group follow these ethical rules in our interaction with colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders. We also expect our partners to comply with the Code of Business Ethics.

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Business areas 2020

Nordic Morning business area creates digital experiences that transform businesses and help companies become truly customer-centric. During 2020, the business focused on further refining its organizational setup, in order to better position the business for future profitable growth. 

Edita Prima business area provides automated processes for customer-centric communication. In 2020 it was able to grow by gaining more market share especially in transactional printing and signing new large and long-term client contracts.

Edita Publishing business area provides smart learning and legal information services for its clients. The company improved its results in 2020 mainly by focusing on and streamlining its core operations in Legal information business segment. 

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